11 Plus Tutoring

1:1 Face to Face Online Tutoring

It is a completely personal choice for parents when to begin 11 Plus Tutoring for their child.

Some parents are keen to begin from Year 4 and this might be to solidify English and Maths skills, before moving into Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. On the other hand. they may want to just focus on the Verbal Reasoning and the Non Verbal Reasoning exams as these are not taught in school.

I am happy to discuss with you a plan for your child to feel confident to approach these 11 Plus Exams.

The services that I offer are as follows:

  • £30: 1 x 50 minute session
  • £40: 2 x 30 minute sessions per week

Please keep an eye out for small group 11 Plus Sessions that are offered at a reduced rate coming soon too…

Please contact me via hayley@theprimarytutor.co.uk to discuss available times and to organise payments.

How Do We Get Started?

1. Chat with Hayley

The first step would be to email me to organise a chat about your child and what you would both like from your tutoring sessions with me (hayley@theprimarytutor.co.uk).

We can discuss what type of tuition may be most appropriate (1:1/ small group), what your child’s interests are, what they enjoy at school, what they find challenging and most importantly, any specific targets that you or your child’s teacher may have.

2. Preparation

After this chat, there will just be a couple of bits of paperwork to complete before we go ahead.

Then, I will go away to construct and plan an appropriate and engaging session.

I will then create a Loom video of what I have created and send you the link prior to the session so that you are aware of anything that we will be working on.

3. The Session!

Whether this is 1:1 or a small group session, if the session is online it will take place via Zoom. I can happily support you with setting this up if you haven’t used this yet.

The sessions are 50 minutes long, to enable to me to prepare for the following session.

I can record these sessions (video/ audio) to send on completion of our session if your child would find it useful to refer to, but I will always ask your permission before I do this.

4. Next Steps

On completion of the session, I will feedback to you how it all went and you can decide what’s next; whether you would like more sessions, what kind, what focus and how many.

I will assess the progress that we have made in the session and plan the next appropriate steps.

I am also more than happy to set homework, or follow on tasks if you feel that this would help further too.

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