Wondering how online primary tutoring can help your child with catching up?


Pandemic Panic!

There are many scaremongering stories in the media at the moment. Some of these are about children falling behind throughout the pandemic.

“Lockdown pupils are three months behind!”

“The authors also warn that a quick catch up is unlikely!”

“The government say that children must not miss out because of Coronavirus!”

“Almost all the teachers questioned (98%) said their pupils were behind the place in the curriculum they would normally expect for the time of year!”

There Is No Need To Worry With Online Primary Tutoring!

Firstly, with online tutoring, any gaps are identified and worked on immediately. Secondly,  this is done personally, conveniently and safely. As a result, this develops your child’s confidence and love of learning once again!

I always use the latest software to achieve this. This includes: Zoom, ActivInspire, Loom, Microsoft Office, Widget and Google Docs (to name a few!)

Above all, I think it is so important that your child enjoys and engages enthusiastically with the session that I provide. Therefore, I happily create exciting, personalised presentations that include the things that they are interested in.

Firstly, we typically start with a retrieval activity, a video or a game. Secondly, we move on to an interactive presentation that includes the new learning. In addition, we typically end with a plenary to reflect on what we have learnt. Finally, we finish with a game to show off our new skills!

Follow the below link to see some examples of these sessions:


I Can Help!

I can offer bespoke 1:1 services. Here, we can discuss and create an individualised plan that will support your child most effectively. Alternatively, small online group sessions might suit your child. Perhaps a mix of the two!

Follow this link to see how I may be able help you!


After taking a look, please contact me following the link below to discuss what is the best fit for your child.



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