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Hi, I’m Hayley The Online Primary Tutor!

Does your child need a confidence boost with their school work?

Do they need a supportive tutor that makes learning fun?

I can help!

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Work with Me

Catch Up Webinar Packages

Prerecorded 30 minute sessions where I revisit key year group concepts.

These can be revisited as much as you and your child like, in your own time and at your own convenience. 

These year group packages come with:


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1:1 Primary Tutoring/ SATS

Would your child benefit more from 1:1 individualised, focused support directly from a tutor?

Would they get more out of learning online rather than at a table with paper and a pencil?

Or do you prefer that they were taught face to face?

I offer both online and face to face (within 5 miles of Alsager) 1:1, bespoke primary tutoring (subject to Covid restrictions).

Whether your child is finding something particularly tricky, they're lacking in confidence, or you simply want them to keep on enjoying their learning with some extra help, I cater to a wide range of needs, abilities and ages.

I also frequently provide small group SATS sessions at a reduced rate, so keep your eyes peeled on my Social Media so that you don't miss out on these! 

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11 Plus Tutoring

I offer 1:1 and small group sessions in preparation for the 11 Plus Entry Exams. 

The content and structure of the 11+ exam varies between different areas of the country, but it will generally focus on a combination of the following four subjects:

Verbal Reasoning
Non Verbal Reasoning

Although the content of the English and Maths tests tend to follow the National Curriculum, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning are not subjects that are taught as part of the curriculum in state primary schools, hence this is typically the focus of the sessions I will be teaching to your child.

I am more than happy to dicuss with you however, what you are specifically looking for, for your child in these sessions.

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What People Are Saying 

“I wanted a tutor for my son (Key Stage 1) as it had become apparent that he was struggling to understand maths. Hayley was amazing and instantly engaged his attention. My son’s concentration sometimes wanders but Hayley brought his attention back to the work at hand everytime. She used games to make the learning fun and I don’t think my son even realised he was doing work! Hayley used a number of different learning techniques and methods to ensure my son was progressing and would keep me updated throughout. I would definitely recommend Hayley as a tutor, as she has continued to improve my son’s level of maths, which both the the teachers at school and me myself have noticed.


“If anyone is looking for a tutor for their child/ children I’d absolutely recommend Hayley. My son (Key Stage 2) struggles with English and lacks in confidence, with that in mind and what has been going on with Covid-19 I thought it would benefit him by having some 1:1 Tuition. I wasn’t wrong. Hayley baselined my son first to see where he was at, she then adapted the work to fit around his hobbies/ interests, e.g football. This made it feel less of a chore for him as he lacks motivation sometimes, he is now eager to work and seems to enjoy learning, this in itself is a huge achievement. I have to mention though it’s not all about education, Hayley paid a huge interest in my son and I’ve often heard them chatting away, it’s so lovely to hear.


My son has always struggled with Math concepts and this has really affected his attitude towards school and this subject, but also how he feels about himself. Hayley really took the time to listen to how Benji thinks and learns and really thought outside of the box to help him to get to grips with his times tables, multiplication and division. Benji has really enjoyed learning with games and challenges and came away from his very first session already feeling more confident and most importantly, better about himself and his abilities. I can’t thank Hayley enough for working with Benji in a way that works for him.



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